Greenhouse Automation

Each greenhouse is growing a special plant. This requires specific attention. Be it temperature, humidity, light to kosher fertilizer. Our farm controller plays the piano of wireless valves, switches, pumps, motors and what not.

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Industrial Automation

If a sensor can sense it then the appropriate process can be triggered. May it is packing goods or identifying the materials or keeping log of inventory or automation of paint process. We can offer control over internet and be a to the point Internet of Things company.

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We offer process control consultancy. To optimize the production time and use of wireless sensors to achieve the same. It could be food processing industry and to reduce the bacterial contamination or it can be segregating the items based on colour or thinkcness or tag.

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We firmly believe

We make Internet Of Things (IoT) work for various domains. Our focus is to use wireless sensors to enhance productivity. It can be agriculture or industry. We study the challenge, create a map of actions and solve it with persistence and technology. Our focus is to hand over agreed enhancement in efficiency no matter how difficult. We have a proven track record and innovative IoT framework that can easily adapt.

We are experienced group of software & hardware experts having 3 patents and one pending patent in USA. Our philosophy is to develop appropriate technology that works for masses. Ultimate goal being able to add wealth to customer.

Our agriculture application of IoT generates jobs at the rural economy and add wealth to community. Please check out our other agriculture initiatives at

IoT in agriculture

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