Our Approach

We believe that technology is conscious. It is sensitive to social settings, people’s thinking and even to geography. We want to create techniques that are useful to simple farmer to average worker. It shall enhance the productivity and generate happiness. Sounds abstract, isn’t it? We are here to make it happen using cutting edge IT technology. Filing patents and developing fully developed applications is what sets us apart. An innovative solution by understanding small things better.

Our Story

All our team members worked hard over the years to gain expertise into technology. We worked many companies around the globe finally have made peace with ourselves and are developing innovative solutions through technology. The blend of experience and eternal enthusiasm has brought us together. At the same time, we would like to give back to society. Train new people, learn from them as well and create a system of people and technology. Along the way create many jobs and pleasurable paths.

Meet the Team

Working on the customer site in the blazing sun, building hardware to giving meditation discourse is all part of our engagement with the customer.

We believe that solution is within people. We are just instrumental.


Rajesh Edke

Founder & CEO

Rajesh is a computer engineer and worked all around from US, Europe, China to India. His heart is in agriculture. He has international patents. Most important is  that he is a rider and goes around places on his BMW GS bike.


Yogesh Dandekar

Chief  Technology Officer

Yogesh is a computer engineer and went on to become director of company which is listed on NYSE. He hold two computer science patents from US. Just workaholic and different person when poked in middle of his work.


Swaroop Edke

HR & Admin

Swaroop is Ph.D in Philosophy. She worked in three continents and at senior management positions of reputed companies.  She is most educated of the lot and most balanced


Raja Arumugam

Director Marketing

Raja is an engineer and excelled to become managing director of software company. Handled large pool of talented engineers to guide company to develop new technology and new markets. Likes his food and hearty talk to accompany.

Next Steps...

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